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Why do we choose PURTIER Placenta?

PURTIER Placenta contains specially selected fresh Deer Placenta live cells and deer protein that have good bio-compatibility with human body. PURTIER Placenta is specially sourced and produced in the clean and green environment of New Zealand rather than Europe, where outbreaks of diseases such as foot and mouth disease and mad cow disease are a serious concern.


What is Live-Cell Therapy?

 In the past, the rich and famous spared no effort in travelling to Switzerland for (sheep) placenta injection to remain young and beautiful. This is the secret of the rich and famous to maintain their vitality, beauty and youth. Although results are significant, the injections have to be done at professional clinics, and cost at least USD 30,000. As this type of placenta requires fresh, sterilised and frozen placenta, the efficacy period is generally shorter.

With the continual development of production technology, Freeze-Drying Technology could now be used to preserve the placenta’s active ingredients. Coupled with a good storage method, these active ingredients could be maintained for up to 3 to 4 years. The unique ingredients ingested into the body must remain “active” in order to boost metabolism and strengthen our body.


Which is better, PURTIER Placenta or placenta injection?

Placenta injections must be carried out under the supervision of medical staff, because it might result in allergic reactions, shock, infections and other complications.

Placenta injection in Switzerland is tailored to individual needs. Although there is a demand for placenta injections, only the wealthy are able to afford it. On the other hand, not only does PURTIER Placenta have similar significant results, it is also suitable and accessible to everyone. Furthermore, the cost of PURTIER Placenta is much lower.


What is the distinction between normal placenta and PURTIER Placenta?

PURTIER Placenta is extracted from fresh Deer Placenta, and rich in nutrients and active factors. These unique active ingredients are effective in maintaining optimal health.

Normal placenta is usually in the form of powder. It no longer contains any active ingredients after being processed under high temperature. Thus, the efficacy of PURTIER Placenta is definitely superior to normal placenta.


Why do we need to consume PURTIER Placenta?

The aging process begins from the moment we are born. In fact, mankind has the potential to live up to 120 years old. However, we succumb to premature aging and diseases due to factors like unhealthy lifestyle, diet, environmental pollution and stress.

Bad living habits cause the body to produce a large number of free radicals. Besides destroying body cells and tissues, free radicals are also the source of aging. PURTIER Placenta effectively boosts metabolism, adjusts the constitution, and maintains good health and youthfulness.


How does PURTIER Placenta work?

 PURTIER Placenta contains live cells that boosts the growth and functions of existing body tissues. The live cells also activate “dormant” cells in the body and create new synapse and connective tissues. PURTIER Placenta is a non-toxic health supplement which improves body functions.


How does the body absorb the precious nutrients in the placenta?

As PURTIER Placenta is produced using cutting-edge technology, the precious nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. The unique Emulsification Technology adopted during the production process enables larger molecules to be fully absorbed into body. 


How is the Deer Placenta acquired?

The unique ingredients in PURTIER Placenta are extracted from fresh Deer Placenta after the female deer delivers its young, thus the deer is not harmed in the process. Advanced Freeze-Drying Technology is subsequently used to preserve the active factors in good condition.


Who needs it?

Anyone whose bodies have started to degenerate, and those who wish to reverse time, maintain optimal health and youthfulness. 


When is a good time to start consuming PURTIER Placenta?

The body begins to age gradually after 25 years old, and fatigue sets in easily as we grow older. Therefore, regardless of whether you have any health issues, it is recommended to start taking PURTIER Placenta after the age of 25, as it is beneficial to the body and helps to maintain good health and youthfulness.


What is the recommended dosage?

Recommended dosage for the first month is 4 capsules daily at any time of the day, and 2 capsules daily in subsequent months. You may choose to increase or decrease the dosage to suit individual needs.


Can it be consumed together with Chinese and Western medicine?

PURTIER Placenta is not a drug and does not contain any chemical substances. Like other health supplements, it is not in conflict with Chinese and Western medicine.


Will there be “heatiness” within the body after consuming PURTIER Placenta?

Generally, it would not cause “heatiness” of body. But it is recommended to drink more water after consumption.


How long do I need to consume PURTIER Placenta?

The recommended consumption period is 6 months. More time is required to slowly nourish and regulate the body functions that have gradually degenerated over the years. Moreover, as everyone’s constitution differs, continual consumption is essential to effectively improve health. 6 months of continuous consumption period is the optimal maintenance cycle, allowing ample times for body regulation. Nevertheless, the recommended consumption period may varies according to individual’s need.


Can I stop consuming PURTIER Placenta after two months?

This is a personal choice, but the recommended consumption period is at least 6 months for PURTIER Placenta to produce more significant results.


Should I continue to consume PURTIER Placenta after six months of consumption?

You may continue to take PURTIER Placenta if you acknowledge its benefits. Long-term consumption does not produce any side effects. Even if you stop the consumption, the body would not have any dependency issues. Continuous intake of PURTIER Placenta would allow the body to be revitalised, remain youthful and energetic.


Should I continue to consume other health supplements?

PURTIER Placenta is a health supplement that effectively regulates physiological function, improves health and vitality. Produced using unique ingredients of Deer Placenta and other 9 precious ingredients, PURTIER Placenta helps to regulate body functions, boosts energy, maintains youthfulness, and is sufficient enough to provide nutrients needed by the body in long-term.

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