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Purtier Placenta 6th Edition Bottle (60 x BIOSOFT GELS)

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This is a Single Bottle of Purtier Live Cell Therapy 6th Edition with 60 Capsules.

Batch Manufactured Date: July 2018
Batch Expiry Date: July 2021
Ship From: Singapore Headquarter

Storage Instructions
Please keep away from direct sunlight and store in a dry and cool place.

Recommended Dosage (7 Bottles)
4 Capsules / Day for first month
2 Capsules / Day for subsequent 5 months to complete 6 months therapy

Free Express Delivery
DHL express delivery to your home/office address when you purchase 2 or more bottles.

What’s New in Purtier Placenta Version 6?

  • New ingredients embracing greatest health for all

  • Increasing the concentration of Live Stem Cells from 50:1 to 100:1 

  • New Encapsulated Technology BIOSOFTGEL Encapsulation in addition to Enteric Coated Technology – Smaller capsules. Easier to consume!

  • Added Apply Polyphenol – The benefits of polyphenols found in apples include antioxidant activity, which reduces the number of free radicals, molecules that cause cell damage and that may cause cancer, heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Polyphenols may also increase immune responses, detoxify cancer-causing agents, repair cell damage and kill cancer cells.

  • Added Fucoidan Extract – Anti-tumor, anti-cancer and neuroprotective actions. Increase chance to block cancer cells from developing and growing. Improves blood circulation. Modulates the immune system and antioxidant action.

  • Replaced Marine Collagen to Marine Collagen Peptides

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